A sound with the sole purpose of penetrating a massive wall of ocean storms and whipping rain; a sound hammered out of the rocks on the stormy shore. A counter-attack on the deafening roar from the ocean, where every note is an endless battle against the ruthless forces of nature. Low-tuned guitars, ten ton drums and ferocious vocals. Heavy, groovy, and uncompromising.

Enter the realm of Northern Sludge.


André Peter – Vocals

Øyvind Vasstein – Guitar

Kurt Idar Harnes – Guitar

Frank Ulla – Bass

Arne Martin Harnes – Drums


Hailing from the western coast of Norway, the metal act Skaarv crawled out of the sea fog in 2010. Inspired by genres such as groove, sludge, and doom metal, Skaarv have started carving their own path in the search of the ultimate metal-heaviness.

Since their stage debut in 2013, the band have played with established Norwegian acts such as Sahg and Audrey Horne.

In 2015 Skaarv released their debut EP ‘Seed of Justice’. A collection of explosive, salt blasted tunes, that rip through marrow and bone. The album received good reviews from both national and international reviewers.

Filled to the brim with energy and new riffs, Skaarv started to work on their first full-length album in 2016. The album is expected to be released during 2017. Stylistically it’s a continuation of ‘Seed of Justice’, but with much more saltwater in the drums and guitars steamed with kelp reek. Although the album will be a gut-blasted glob of nematodes, you will also notice a more real and down-to-earth sound in parts of the record.